Standard Tag Encoding Offering

Hard tags delivered with unique EPC by default. UHF Class 1 Gen 2 RFID tags frequently have different sections of memory to which data can be encoded.

SMARTX tag personalization offerings is:
- Customer specific encoding of EPC and user memory ( Encode to different portions of memory on the tag including the tag’s EPC or User Memory sections)
- Locking options

Find the ideal tag for your application

Implementing Smartx Tags at your company, the high cost of old inventory management can be used to invest in your company growth since we offer:
- A precise forecast of warranty and equipment replacement/upgrade costs.
- An exact account for those components which are in the rack.
- To reduce spares cost through optimizing required back-up and spares inventory levels.

Tag Solutions for Enterprise

Smartx gets you the right tags, readable by the right technology RFID or Smart Sensors, placed and used in the right way, to deliver the information you need: this is how we ensure your success.
Our tag selection process takes into account all of your key criteria, including materials, chip type, environment, placement, orientation, and cost.

RFID Tag Design and RFID Tag Manufacture

Our competency is the innovative design of RFID tags that optimize unique RFID applications. Among the challenges we’ve tackled are Global UHF metal mount asset tags, high critical applications, high-reliability and durability applications and secure, tamper-evident requirements.
With customized or standard RFID tags that fit the demands of a broad spectrum of Asset applications, the finished solution starts with Asset Tracking expertise and tags from SmartX.